This season I’ll be mostly driving tractors

The moment has finally arrived. Since discovering this activity was on the horticulture syllabus, you could not have held me back from signing up. When friends and family asked me why I was giving up secure employment to pursue something completely different, I did my best to give a reasoned argument. However, in my mind I was shouting, ‘I get to drive a tractor!’.

My first time - thinking through 'start' checklist

I never realised I held this secret ambition of driving tractors, but since discovering it was a mandatory part of the horticulture course, I’ve been like a child before Christmas. I have no idea why I am so excited about it and I have no inclination to analyse the possible reasons behind it (I suspect it might not show me in the best light).

Yep, she's ready to go

I have just completed my second tractor lesson. Our class had discussed the health and safety issues of which we needed to be aware and we watched a gruesome HSE video on bad things that happen to people who don’t respect the tractor. Then after conducting the pre-start checks (involving dipsticks, fuel and coolant levels amongst other things), we were ready.

Off we went onboard these large powerful machines, weaving our way amongst the arborists having their tractor lesson with whom we were sharing the ground. I gave them a wide berth. Those guys know no fear.

I do have more tractor lessons coming up, but I just couldn’t wait that long to share my new favourite topic with you.

Tractors with trailers - done

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