Pesky virus

It’s been a bit of an odd week at college. Mainly because I have not been there much. I also missed both my work experience days at Nymans and Hampton Court this week and it’s made me feel out of sorts.

Hopefully helping and not hindering the progress of the new South African garden at Nymans. Behind me is all change in the Sunken Garden as part of the Garden Rediscovery project.

With the Easter break just around the corner (though a classmate reliably informs me that we have roughly eight assignments to do during the holidays, so perhaps the word ‘break’ should be redefined), I finally succumbed to the lurgy. I had lurgy in October, but battled through and didn’t miss any college. This was helped by only having light physical tasks to do that week. Continue reading

Shovelling in the experience

Between September and Christmas last year I was working at Merrist Wood College horticultural and nursery unit. It has been a great place to cut my teeth on horticultural skills and ask stupid questions and probably make a few mistakes without worrying too much about it. I was there to learn as much as possible from those who really know their stuff. It was with a heavy heart that I decided to look for work experience closer to home. As much as I am fuelled by an eagerness to learn all things plant related, my car is not. My budget is fine for the three days I need to be at college for lessons. On the plus side, I still see the team on those days too.

I could not believe my luck when a volunteer position became available just down the road from me. For the past month I’ve been working at Hampton Court Palace Gardens one day a week. It has been great and now I am half way through my National Diploma in Horticulture, I feel much more confident in a gardens environment. I have been made to feel very welcome and I am well on my way to completing the 300 hours work experience necessary for the course. I still have a spare day in the week plus weekends to complete coursework. I felt I was all set. Then I received an invitation. Continue reading